Learning Approach

Universal Academy Learning Approach

The learning Approach followed at Universal Academy has been very well designed.

Scaffolding Learning Approach

The Pre- primary and Primary classes at the Universal Academy follow the Scaffolding Learning System. Based on thematic approach, this programme relies on environment as the most effective tool for learning. It teaches concepts in a fun and easy manner through numerous activities and exercises. The system takes care of gaps in learning and provides timely intervention, according to the pace of each student. This ensures that no child lags behind and enjoys learning in the class. Detailed lesson Plans actively guide teachers to bring alive the teaching-learning process in the classrooms.

Sustainable Life Skills Learning Approach

In the middle school, the 'Scaffolding Learning System' evolves into the Sustainable Life Skills Learning System. Here the students are exposed to myriad industry based projects to strengthen their sustainability in their existing environment. The system aims to give vision to children to become entrepreneurs and make a difference to their community. Children conduct research of various industries as projects, thereby helping them to understand and develop the requisite skills of an industry. Such an exposure enhances their thinking, social and emotional skills in the process.

Together,‘Scaffolding Learning System’ and ‘Sustainable Life Skills’ prepare the new generation of learners for the future, thereby helping them to understand and unleash their potential.

Thematic Approach

The curriculum is based on thematic approach that takes the child beyond books and classroom, making the learning process joyful and meaningful. Each stage in learning is systematically planned, keeping the student in mind. Our unique teaching approach uses a variety of instructional strategies and innovative resources, woven around the NCERT syllabus. Each subject follows a clearly defined sequence of learning, beginning from the pre primary level and moving to the primary and middle levels. Based on defined age- and grade-appropriate learning levels, this method enables every student to learn concepts in an organized step-by step manner. The curriculum is full of engaging skill-based collaborative activities that enable the student to understand and engage with the world around and not merely rote learn. This helps the child to relate to challenges and issues of real world and develop skills that are applicable in real life.