Academic Resources

Innovative Teaching Tools to engage all kinds of learners

  • Smartclass to address student curiosity and provide virtual learning experience.
  • Innovative mathematic tools to promote the much required logic and decision-making skills.
  • Physical education kit that integrates language and Math with fun-filled games.
  • Rich Library
  • Well-equipped labs: Computer, Science and Language.
  • Dedicated Art and Craft, and fully equipped Music Room.

Rich Exposure and Co-Curricular activities that nurture core skills

  • Fun-filled activities & games in the School make learning fun and improve creativity and collaborative skills.
  • Clubs : Nature, Debate, Photography, Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Computer, Dramatics, GK, Reading, Maths and Science.
  • Strategically planned excursions & field visits to widen horizons
  • Project-based learning to improve entrepreneur skills, knowledge and focus.
  • Theatre education: Student-led events like fairs and nukkad nataks to improve confidence and overall personality.


To promote the inherent talent’s of the students.