KG Curriculum


Unique teaching approach that uses a variety of instructional methods and innovative resources, woven around the NCERT syllabus.

Skill-based collaborative activities that enable the student to understand and engage with the world around and not merely rote learn.

We provide excellent student teacher ratios and teams of highly committed teachers who are dedicated to maximizing student potential. Educators are grouped according to Faculties that work across curricula and integrate their teaching learning process.


The Universal Academy provides opportunities for the young child to develop physically, socio-emotionally and intellectually. We build a strong foundation from which children can grow to become active life-long learners.

The children develop confidence in themselves and their ability to learn demonstrate curiosity and the ability to focus their attention.

Acquire social skills and abilities which enable them to relate to other children and to adults.

A full day encompasses Circle Time, Show and Tell, Art, Craft, Clay, Music, Dance, Language, Number work, free play and projects related to an understanding of their world.